ADAM'S Das Fahrrad / the bicycle / le velo / la bicicletta / jitensya

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This quirky book is a pocket-sized bicycle encyclopedia. From bicycle parts such as wheels, brakes and frames to activities such as puncturing, falling and fixing, the author's hand-drawn color illustrations are available in German, English, French, Italian and Japanese. , Named in five languages. Munich graphic designer Adam Bell finds repairs on the internet to fix his bike himself, or buys old parts from Italy on ebay, and the same parts are great for each country and language. Discovering that there is a name (eg chainring, "corona" corona in Italian), I came up with the idea of this bicycle encyclopedia: an illustrated illustration of parts sorted by name. No latest electric gear shifting, no new BB standards, no trendy bike culture. This encyclopedia has always been a common bike that rusts in the rain and punctures in the glass. It's a mismatch for races and shows, but it's easy and fun bikes. Bicycles, which are such easy and fun vehicles, bring us even more affluence with a little chance. I hope that this book will be placed not only in bicycle stores but also in general bookstores, cafes, libraries and schools, and that as many people as possible will read it and shorten the distance to bicycles.

-printed in two colors (red and black) on 135/300 g / m2 paper
-about 275 terms and illustrations
-1st edition 2014/1000 copies

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