A.Dugast Rhino Cotton

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Size Size: 33mm
Tread: 11 Storm
Casing: Normal
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This cyclo-cross tire is a great choice for slippery courses and muddy muddy conditions.
The unique tread pattern provides good mud shedding and low rolling resistance.


  • Tire size: 28" x 33mm
  • Appropriate air pressure: 1.8~3.5 bar
  • Weight (32mm): 395g
  • Base tape: Large (compatible rim width 23mm ~ 27.5mm)
  • Neoprene Coating

    What is Neoprene Coating?

    A weather-resistant neoprene material is applied to the side casings of tires during the manufacturing process. The coating is very thin, so it extends the life of the tire without compromising the suppleness of the tubular tire, which is a concern.

    ■Cautions for use

    The neoprene coating is very thin and does not affect the functionality or comfort of the tubulars, but maintenance is essential for long-term use.

    • It is important to always wash them with water and detergent after use.
    • However, oil-based cleaners such as degreasers should not be used.
    • After washing, dry them indoors away from ultraviolet rays.

    Of course, it is possible to protect the tire sides with Aquasure. If tires are not washed after use, we recommend using Aquasure.

    ■About Base Tape

    In recent years, the rim widths used in cyclocross crosses have tended to become wider and wider. In practice, it is necessary to select a tire base tape (fundoshi) that matches the rim width. If the combination of rim width and base tape width is inappropriate, the tire will not adhere properly and the risk of tire peeling will increase, leading to punctures and damage.

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