A.Dugast Pipisquallo Cotton


Size Size: 33mm
Tread: Normal
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This tire is suitable for courses that require speed, such as lawns, sandy areas, and paved roads. The low side knobs provide good grip even on grass.



  • Tire size: 28 "x 33mm
  • Tire pressure: 1.8 ~ 3.5bar
  • Weight: ave.365g (32mm)
  • Base tape: Large (corresponding rim width 23mm ~ 27.5mm)
  • Neoprene coating


    Neoprene Coating | What is neoprene coating?

    A weatherproof neoprene material is applied to the side casing of the tire during the manufacturing process. Due to the very thin coating, it extends the life of the tire without compromising the suppleness of the tubular tire of concern.

    11 Storm | What is Eleven Storm?

    A tire tread compound newly developed by Hutchison. A high-performance compound that improves the performance of all elements required for tires, such as reduced rolling resistance, increased grip, and improved puncture resistance and durability in tire treads.

    At Dugas, this eleven storm has been adopted for the standard cyclocross tires of Typhoon, Rhino and Pipisquallo.Wout van Aert,Toon Arts,In partnership with top racers in the CX world, such as Lawrence Week, we have repeatedly conducted actual battle tests since last season.

    Tests have shown lower rolling resistance, more grip, and better driving performance feedback compared to traditional treads. Specifically, this means that you can achieve the same feeling of driving even with an air pressure setting that is one higher than the usual setting. In other words, it also has the advantage of a low risk of flat tires.

    ■ Precautions for use

    The neoprene coating is very thin and does not affect the functionality and comfort of the tubular, but maintenance is essential for long-term use.

    • It is important to always wash with water and detergent after use.
    • However, do not use oil-based cleaning agents such as degreasers.
    • After cleaning, avoid UV rays and dry indoors.

    Of course, it is possible to protect the tire side with Aquasure. If you do not want to clean your tires after use, we recommend using Aquasure.


    ■ About base tape

    In recent years, the rim width used in cyclocross has tended to become wider and wider. Actually, it is necessary to choose the base tape (loincloth) of the tire according to the rim width. Inappropriate combination of rim width and base tape width will result in poor tire adhesion and increased risk of tire peeling, which can lead to flat tires and damage.

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