WTB Horizon


SIZE: 650b x 47
Color: Black

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As the creator of MTB and to open up a new world of bicycles, this Road Plus is a new challenge of WTB that has embodied ideas such as 27.5 Plus without being bound by preconceived ideas. It runs smoothly on paved roads on the center slick and file side, and from the final point of the road to the future, it demonstrates high running performance with shock absorption and grip with overwhelming air volume. Despite being a road tire, its ability to adapt to a wide range of road surfaces such as cobblestones, gravel and dirt will expand the driving space limited by the tire and bring a new horizon to riding. 


The Road Plus advocated by WTB has 700c benefits for adventurous riders who are not limited to simple speed and lightness by putting 47mm tires on 650b wheels. I promise to have more than 28mm. The center slick reduces resistance as much as possible, and the all-weather herringbone tire pattern with cornering channels on the side will wrap up all the rider's growing feelings. Tubeless tires with high air volume offer great benefits to riders. On-road, it doesn't slow down your even speed, it suppresses road noise, and Gravel reduces violent vibrations from the ground, which means you have more room for off-road control. 


Road Plus is manufactured with the same construction as existing long-distance road bike tires, but was devised for more air volume. Modifying an existing 700c long-distance ride bike with 650b wheels and horizon, a trick that a 650b x 47mm horizon can do to have the same overall diameter as a 700c x 28mm tire, but common It requires a little more chainstay clearance than a road bike, but is also compatible with many modern production bikes, sometimes referred to as many existing endurance models. 

For information on models that can use Horizon on motorcycles that are actually on the marketWTB official websitePlease use it as it is updated from time to time. 

Wheel Size: 650b
Width: 47mm
Weight: 515g avg.
Level: Road Plus TCS
Compound: Compound: Dual Compound DNA Rubber
Casing: Lightweight
Bead: TCS Aramid
Conditions: Conditions:
Pavement / Hardpack

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