WTB Horizon

WTBSKU: 2RB20171

SIZE: 650b x 47
Color: Tanwall
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As the creator of MTB, and in order to open up a new world of bicycles, WTB has been thinking outside the box and materializing ideas such as the 27.5 Plus in this new challenge, the Road Plus. The center slick and filet side provide a smooth ride on paved roads, while the overwhelming air volume provides shock absorption and grip for a high level of running performance from the final point of the road and beyond. Despite being a road tire, its ability to adapt to a wide range of surfaces, from cobblestones and gravel to dirt, will expand the riding area limited by the tire and bring new horizons to your riding.


WTB advocates the Road Plus, a 47mm tire on a 650b wheel promises more benefits to the adventurous rider than the 28mm of a 700c, as the benefits gained are not limited to simple speed or lightness. The center slick minimizes drag, while the all-weather herringbone tire pattern with cornering channels on the sides will embrace all of the rider's heightened emotions. Tubeless tires with high air volume offer tremendous benefits to the rider. On-road, they do not reduce your even speed and road noise, and on gravel, they reduce the vibration from the ground, ensuring more control off-road.


ROAD The Plus is manufactured using the same construction as existing long-distance road bike tires, but is designed to have more air volume. Modifying an existing 700c long distance ride bike with 650b wheels and horizons, a feat possible because 650b x 47mm horizons have the same overall diameter as 700c x 28mm tires, requires a little more chainstay clearance than a typical road bike. It is also compatible with many of the recent production bikes, sometimes referred to as endurance models.

The WTB website is constantly being updated with information on which bikes are actually available on the market and can be used with Horizon.

Wheel Size : 650b
Width : 47mm
Weight : 515g avg.
Level : Road Plus TCS
Compound : Dual Compound DNA Rubber
Casing : Lightweight
Bead : TCS Aramid
Pavement / Hardpack

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