Handmade Folding Small Bicycles for Traveling the World

BIKE FRIDAY was born in 1992 in a small garage in Eugene, Oregon, by brothers Alan and Hans Scholz.

The name Bike Friday was inspired by their beloved best friend and capable sidekick, "Man FRIDAY," a character from "Robinson Crusoe Adrift.

The name "Bike Friday" means "the best and indispensable partner for adventurers who travel around the world. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Bike Friday.

All Bike Friday materials are chromoly steel

Chromoly is actively used because Bike Friday is a bike that travels the world.

Chromoly absorbs vibrations from the road surface to a reasonable degree, which is an advantage on long-distance rides, allowing the rider to enjoy the ride to the end of the day.
The nature of a folding bike also means that it must be durable enough to be folded repeatedly, and if it breaks on the road, it can be welded back together again, another important reason for using chromoly.

All handmade in the USA

From the very beginning to the present, Bike Friday's frames are made one by one at the company's factory in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A., by craftsmen who carry out the entire frame production process from welding to painting.

Most models are made to order based on the measurements of the rider's physique. Bike Friday is a handmade custom folding frame. And it is very important to note that even if the frame should break, it is guaranteed to be repaired to the fullest extent possible.

The fact that it will last forever may seem counter-intuitive in the context of a lifestyle of constant replacement that has become so commonplace in recent years, but I believe it sums up the important values that CIRCLE'S believes in: long-lasting service.

Quick folding mechanism

The folding function of the frame is basically one-touch with a quick lever.

In addition to the frame, the handlebars and saddle can also be detachable or foldable, depending on the model, and each is designed for riding performance, ease of use, and storage efficiency.

The folding part is the first thing that many folding bicycles break. This part of the bike is the first thing to break, and it is clear that Bike Friday is committed to making bicycles that can be loved and used for a long time.

Where is the force applied when riding a bicycle? What kind of folding method is easier to use? What kind of materials can be used for longer life and reasonable price?

The answers to these questions could not have been found overnight.
However, I believe that the result of pursuing these questions is the reason why our bicycles are loved all over the world. The folding part alone is not enough to talk about.

Order your BIKE FRIDAY!

If you are interested in Bike Friday, please feel free to contact us first at Circles stores or through our contact form. Please let us know what kind of use you would like to make of the bike. What kind of places do you want to go? How will you ride? Let's talk about everything related to your life.

Now, please choose the model of your choice as the first step in selecting your Bike Friday.
CIRCLE'S has proposed a car model that we particularly recommend, so please take your time to look at it, and then think about your dream.

1. first, choose the model of your choice

BIKE FRIDAY has a wide variety of models for different applications. Tire sizes range from 16" to 20" (406/417), depending on the application.

First of all, we would like to introduce five models that CIRCLE'S recommends in particular.

ALL-PACKA / オールパッカ

Off road touring / Bikepacking
フレームセット(税込):¥341,000 (2024/04現在)


Pocket Rocket / ポケットロケット

Light weight Road Bike
フレームセット(税込):¥280,500 (2024/04現在)

Pocket Rocket 詳細

New World Tourist / ニューワールドツーリスト

Legendary small wheel touring bike
フレームセット(税込):¥253,000 (2024/04現在)

New World Tourist 詳細

Pakit / パキット

Lightest mobile commuter bike
フレームセット(税込):¥214,500 (2024/04現在)

Pakit 詳細

Haul-A-Day Elite/ ホール ア デイ エリート

Long tail cargo for everyone, everyday
フレームセット(税込):¥286,000 (2024/04現在)

Haul-A-Day 詳細

2. next, choose a stem

Once you have found the Bike Friday model of your choice, the next step is to decide on a stem.
Bike Friday has a variety of stems, from standard ones like the gooseneck that they feature to, what? They make stems like that? and even some that are a bit shady. I would like to tell you a little about how to choose one.

Five basic stem types

Currently at Circles, models numbered [1] through [5], except for [1], are available for viewing in the store.

The [1] and [2] models allow you to choose the stem you want to use. This is especially popular among touring riders, as it allows them to try out various positioning options.

3] and [5] are commonly known as "goose stems" because of their distinctive shape. It is no exaggeration to say that Bike Friday is all about these stems.

3. and choose a handle

Another thing to consider when choosing Bike Friday is the variety of Bike Friday original handles. While it is common for customers to choose handles available on the market, Bike Friday's original handles are also very attractive.

Bike Friday's original handles can be split and folded for a more compact fit.

Packalope / パッカロープ

The new handlebar was developed for Bike Friday's newest model, the Allpacka, and is a handlebar for bikepacking that can handle off-road and dirt riding while also allowing the attachment of handlebar bags and other accessories.

Touring H Bar / ツーリングHバー

The H-bar, mainly used by New World Tourists, is a classic flat handlebar with nostalgic bar-end bars, which, despite its flat handlebar, allows the rider to change his posture by changing where he holds it while riding, making it suitable for long distance riding.

STI Touring Bar / STI ツーリングバー

It is easy to think of this handle as an STI version of the H-bar mentioned above.
It can be used on the New World Tourist and Pocket Rocket with road components.
Although the grip is more limited than a drop handlebar, it is less likely to disrupt the overall styling of the bike even if you choose an upright position.

Bull Horn Road Bar / ブルホーンロードバー

It is a derivative of the H-bar, but can be used like a normal flat handlebar while still allowing for bar end bars and reverse brake levers.

Reverse H Bar / リバースHバー

As the name suggests, the shape of the H-bar has been turned upside down to fit commuter bikes like Halu-A-Day.
The upright and comfortable position can be selected.

4. lastly, let's take physical measurements.

Bike Friday is a custom handmade motorcycle. Each bike is built in Eugene, Oregon, to order, based on numbers taken from the rider's build.

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