YOTSUBACYCLE Yotsuba Zero 22 8speed

size: 22"
Color: Aurora Black
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A sports cycle brand specializing in kids' bikes, which was born in Japan in 2016.Yotsuba Cycle.. Based on the concept of "giving children the joy of playing bicycles," we have created a bicycle that dads and moms of the child-rearing generation want to ride on their own children.

①: Lightweight design
"Lightness" is one of the most important performances for weak children in the process of growth. Even the same 1kg feels many times heavier for children. The Yotsuba cycle, which weighs about half the weight of a typical children's bicycle, is easy for children to handle, so it will improve your performance.

②: Optimal size for the child's physique
Fear of the bicycle increases just because your feet do not touch the ground or you cannot grasp the steering wheel firmly.
In the Yotsuba cycle, the position of the top tube is designed to be low so that the saddle position can be lowered further. The handle grip is thinner (23.5 mm in diameter) than a typical bicycle so that even children with small hands can hold it firmly. Also, select a crank with a length that matches the target height for each bicycle size.

③: Brake for children only
If you can't stop when you think you're scared, you'll hate bicycles.
The Yotsuba Cycle uses a thin grip that is easy to grip even with small hands. In addition, it is equipped with a child-only lever that can be pulled easily with a small amount of force and a V-brake that exerts a powerful braking force, providing a sense of security that even the grip strength of a child can be stopped firmly.

④: Thick tire
All models are equipped with thick tires that are easy to balance even at low speeds, so you can improve your performance. In addition, thick tires have high cushioning properties, which improves ride comfort and enables full-scale off-road driving.


New size that supports aggressive driving from your feet!
22 inches is perfect for small 20 inches and large 24 inches. Filling the size valley solves the problem of choosing a bike.

Wheel size 22″
Target height guide 118-140 cm
weight 9.8 kg (including pedals)
Color Captain Navy, Passion Red, Aurora Black
accessories Pedal, reflector, bell


Appropriate size that Yotsuba cycle thinks

In the Yotsuba cycle, with a view to off-road driving with poor footing,Your child's feet will rest firmly on the ground when the saddle is at its lowest position.We recommend the one as the proper size. So not just age and heightActually measure the inseam length of a childPlease select a model from the size chart below that has a height that is smaller than your child's inseam length when the saddle is at its lowest position.


Size chart

size Target age (approximate) Target height (approximate) The saddle is in the lowest position Saddle height adjustment width weight*
12" 2-3 years old 83-98 cm 42.0cm About 7.0 cm
14" 3-5 years old 90-107 cm 45.0cm About 7.0 cm 6.9kg
16" 4-6 years old 97-118 cm 49.0cm About 9.0cm 7.5kg
18" 5-8 years old 102-123 cm 52.0cm About 9.0cm 7.8kg
20" 6-9 years old 110-130 cm 56.0cm About 9.0cm 8.1kg
22" 7-10 years old 118-140 cm 59.0cm About 9.0cm 9.8kg
24" 8-12 years old 128-152 cm 65.0cm About 20.0 cm 10kg
27.5" 12 years old ~ 150cm ~ 72.0cm About 20.0 cm 10.6kg

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