Mountains and Roads Minimalist Pad

SIZE: 100cm x 50cm x 0.5cm
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Ultralight Sleeping Pad for Minimalists

We have created an ultra-lightweight sleeping pad only 5 mm thick by applying a crinkled finish to XLPE foam, which has very high insulation properties and is also used as a thermal insulator. Recommended for minimalists who seek maximum effectiveness with minimum weight.

The Minimalist Pad is made of XLPE foam, an extremely insulating material that is also used as a thermal insulator.

XLPE foam is also a non-absorbent, closed-cell material, which means that water cannot penetrate the pad even on snow or wet ground (water can still seep through to the surface of the material). It is also an environmentally friendly, low-pollution material because no chemical foaming agents are used.

The Minimalist Pad is made of 7mm-thick XLPE foam, which is double-sided and heat-pressed to melt and harden the material surface by 1mm on each side, compressing it down to 5mm thick.

The size was a point of contention until the very end, but in the end it was decided to make it a little larger (100 cm x 50 cm) so that the users themselves could decide on a size that would be easy for them to usE It can be easily cut with a cutter or scissors, so please cut it as needed.

*World's lightest weight (5mm thick - for half body)
*Grained on both sides
*Made of XLPE foam which has high thermal insulation properties and is also used as a heat insulator
*Non-absorbent material that does not allow moisture to penetrate inside
*No chemical foaming agent used, low pollution to the environment


53g / 1.86oz
100cm x 50cm x 5mm

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