WTB Vigilante TCS light/High Grip


Size: 2.5×27.5
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Vigilante 2.3 announced in 2013 was created to support more aggressive ridesVigilante 2.5
The distinctive square knobs bite into any terrain, wet or dry, to support high-speed driving.
The knobs are well spaced so they dig into loose, chunky trails but don't fill the tread.
It has earned the trust of trail riders and enduro riders because it grips firmly even at lean angles.

A tread that blends three different hardness compounds, High, Medium and Soft, to provide traction and durability.
The hardest compound is the foundation of the entire tread and also serves a slight support at the base of the knob.
The center knob uses a medium compound to provide traction and durability without sacrificing rolling efficiency.
The softest compound is used for the outer knob to achieve maximum grip and low resilience characteristics.

SG2 is a lightweight nylon layer that protects all parts of the tire to prevent punctures and rim blowouts.
SG2 between beads reduces weight gain and improves sidewall stability and overall tire support.
SG2 nylon fiber has less rubber to fill the gaps in the fiber compared to the conventional protective layer.
By increasing the ratio of fiber to rubber, it has improved puncture resistance, is lighter than a tough casing, and has improved suppleness.
It has been shown that sidewall protection is 80% higher than tires with SG2.


Size:27.5 x 2.5"、29 x 2.5"
ETRTO :60-584、60-622
Case:60 tpi
Weight:1092g(27.5 x 2.5")、1174g(29 x 2.5")
Min-Max Pressure : 20-35 psi

Field: Trail • Enduro • Gravity
Condition: Dirt • Loose • Rocky • Wet

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