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SIZE: 650b x 47mm
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Among the Road Plus tires advocated by WTB, these BYWAY Road Plus tires steer more dirt and provide riders with the traction and smooth ride that their attractive plus size brings. The slick part of the center provides stable lightness in the section on the paved road, and the moderately sized diamond knob placed right next to it provides moderate traction off-road and consistent side. Knobs will give us absolute peace of mind when cornering, sometimes in unintended situations. With the same diameter as 700 x 30mm road tires, the Road Plus standard offers two different riding experiences for innovative road bikes. With BYWAY Road Plus tires, riders should be able to find maximum comfort when approaching gravel without slowing down on paved roads and when gravel riding in remote areas.
Supporting Surly Straggler / Surly Disc Trucker 26 ”Sizes / Kona Sutra / Cannondale Slate etc.officialAlthough it was announced in, the tire outer diameter is almost the same as 700 × 30c, so it will be compatible with more frames and forks. It is recommended that the rim has an outer width of about 28 mm.
Since it is TCS specification, it can be tubeless by using a sealant.

★ Introduction article of WTB Byway

[WTB] New sizes of Byway are in stock! (February 18, 2020)

★ WTB Byway specifications

Wheel Size: 650b | 700c
Width: 47mm | 40mm, 44mm
Weight: 535g avg. | 415g avg.
Level: Road Plus TCS
Compound: Compound: Dual Compound DNA
Casing: Single-ply 60 tpi
Bead: TCS Aramid
Conditions: Conditions:
Pavement / Hardpack / Dirt / Gravel

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