WOLF TOOTH Karv Grips 6.5mm


Color: Blue

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The 6.5mm thick silicone grip, which is easy to use, reduces hand fatigue and finger numbness, making it ideal for long rides.

With a diameter of 32mm, the Karv Grip is the perfect size for most riders, both men and women.

The two-layer silicone compound provides excellent vibration damping and improves comfort while maintaining durability.

The sticky silicone texture provides excellent grip with or without gloves in all weather conditions.


・ Weight: 75g
・ Material: 100% silicon
・ Diameter: 32mm 
・ Grip thickness: 6.5mm
・ Grip length: 135mm 
・ Made in the USA
・ Includes bar end plug
-Compatible with the handlebars of almost all mountain bikes.

【installation method】

Install the bar end first. If the end cap is too tight, cut out the plastic ribs to fit the appropriate size.
Spray (or spread with a cloth) isopropyl alcohol on the inside of the grip and on the handlebar mounting location. Finally, insert the grip into the handlebar and let it dry for a while.

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