WAHOO SPEEDPLAY Comp Chromoly Pedals


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The most versatile in the SPEEDPLAY series, COMP, which matches riders of all levels, retains its original clip-in system, is maintenance-free with a completely renewed shield bearing, and has greatly improved durability and rigidity by reviewing the material composition. increase.
Designed with all the performance demanded by the rider, Wahoo SPEEDPLAY's advanced pedal system optimizes performance through superior adjustment capabilities, improved power transfer, lighter weight, and enhanced aerodynamics.



Weight: 364g (Pedal & Cleat)
Pedal: 232g / Cleat (Easy Tension): 132g
Pedal Material: Glass / Nylon Resin
Spindle material: Chromoly
Stack height: 11.5mm
Release angle setting: 0 to 15 degrees
Spindle length: 53mm
Pedal side: Both sides

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