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VELO SPICA-like workwear homage

Good old American style, tracker hat. It is said that its roots were favored by blue workers such as farm workers and long-distance truck drivers.

Such an authentic tracker hat is reconstructed under the modern interpretation through the filter of VELO SPICA.
Using materials that can withstand harsh use such as the rugged denim and leather that were once used for workwear, aging for many years with the owner, the opposite of fast fashion aiming for such gear It's an approach.

SPECTRA®︎ X-GRIDSTOP NYLON fabric is used for the front and the upper surface of the brim.
This fabric is lightweight, water resistant and durable. It is also a seasonal fabric that is used by all outdoor garage makers these days.
The characteristic white grid (Ripstop) is Honeywell's SPECTRA®︎ fiber, which has the strongest level of organic fiber in the world, and is woven in a grid shape for reinforcement.
You can't expect breathability in this fabric, but it's an attractive material at the expense of it. The tracker style, which is made of mesh material for all panels except the front, is a perfect combination in terms of compensating for weaknesses. It covers the front view even in the rain, so you can use it together with the rainwear hood for rain riding, mountain climbing, and mountain climbing.

From this time, the brim has adopted a flexible visor that can be folded softly and has been specially processed to keep its shape. It is also possible to flip up (jump up the brim when you want to widen the field of view), which is a feature of the VELO SPICA brim.
The core material inside the brim has a thickness of 2 mm, and while it has a solid thickness, it uses a new standard flexible visor that has both the softness that can be rolled without breaking and the hardness that can be shaped with fingers. Furthermore, this time, a special process is applied to the inside to make it easier to keep the curve.



Emblem graphic design: EDIT design and supply
Material: Front / Brim top surface Nylon 93% Polyurethane 7% (SPECTRA®︎ X-grid stop)
100% mesh nylon
Underside of brim, 100% nylon
Antiperspirant 100% polyester (COOLMAX®)
Size: Free (≒ 55-63 cm)
Weight: 50g

* Flip-up is easier to raise and lower if you keep your eyes on the adjuster on the back.
* It is also possible to roll the brim and fold it into small pieces. Due to the nature of the material, the Spectra fabric and mesh fabric will become softer when folded repeatedly. If it is in a good condition, do not fold it. Washing with water and steam ironing will restore the shape to some extent.
* Nylon, a water-repellent material, may cause stains and discoloration if left in a state where it absorbs sweat. We recommend washing after each sweaty use.
* We recommend hand-washing with a neutral detergent. When drying, lightly stretch the dough, shape the hat, and then lay it flat or hang it in the shade.

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