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Classic looks x Tech materials = Neo-vintage

Flipper Cap is a model that reconstructs the eternal classic "baseball cap" under a contemporary interpretation through the filter of VELO SPICA.

The 8-panel pattern, which can also be seen on vintage baseball caps, features a beautiful roundness along the head. A modern updated VELO SPICA design that makes the hat look compact and shallow compared to the actual depth of coverage.

The lettered chenille patch (sagara patch) on the front is also a vintage homage finish reminiscent of lettered cardigans and stadium jackets.

Chain-stitch stitching, which is often found in vintage American-made caps, was reproduced at a rare domestic factory, and attention was paid not only to the details but also to the tailoring.specification.

The fabric is a 2022 AW model with a selection of TECH materials, contrary to its classical appearance.
The fabric is highly breathable and dry to the touch, making it perfect for this time of year when the lingering summer heat still lingers. Another great feature is that it doesn't stain easily. The sweatband that touches the skin is made of standard COOLMAX®︎.

It can be said that it is a neo-vintage that combines classic details with TECH materials.

The brim can be folded softly, and the flex visor has been specially processed to keep its shape. It is also possible to wear it by flipping up the brim of the velo spica (flip up the brim when you want to expand your field of vision).


Material: Hat body / 100% polyester (REFLAX®︎) Back of brim / 65% polyester, 35% cotton (ECOPET®︎) Anti-sweat / 100% polyester (COOLMAX®)
Size: Free (≒55-63cm)
Brim length: 73mm
Weight : 56g
Graphic Design : AUGUSTUS PUBRO

* We recommend hand washing with a neutral detergent. When drying, lightly stretch the fabric, adjust the shape of the hat, and then dry it flat in the shade or hang it to dry. If you use a washing machine, please use a laundry net. If you leave the fabric in a state where it absorbs sweat, it may cause yellowing or discoloration, so please wash it moderately.
* Flip-up is easier to raise and lower if you adjust the adjuster on the back so that the tension is applied slightly.
* It is also possible to round the brim and fold it into a small size. Due to the nature of the material, the nylon and mesh fabrics will soften as they are folded repeatedly. If the hard condition is good, please use it without folding. By washing with water and applying a steam iron, the shape will return to some extent.
* If you leave it in a high temperature place for a long time, the shape of the brim may be deformed. When storing, please keep it in a shaded place where it is difficult to get high temperature.

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