VELO ORANGE Rear Cassette Hub


Color: Silver
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Designed for driving in all weather conditions, it is suitable for touring, land nouring and commuting situations.
Waterproof and dustproof shield bearings maintain high performance for a long time.
The hub comes with a replaceable end cap that allows you to convert from 130mm QR to 135mm QR without the use of tools.
The free body can be disassembled without the use of tools.


Weight: 272g
Hole: 32H
Drive shell: 11s Shimano, Campagnolo
Axle size: 135mm QR, 130mm QR

Spoke Flange Diameter: 58mm

Left Center-to-Flange (dimension from flange on non-drive side to hub center)
・ 130mm: 37.1mm
・ 135mm: 34.4mm

Right Center-to-Flange (dimension from the flange on the drive side to the center of the hub)
・ 130mm: 14.95mm
・ 135mm: 17.45mm

* Quick release is not included.

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