USE Duro Carbon Pillar


Title: 27.2mm
LENGTH: 300mm
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USE's new Duro Aluminum seatpost is an excellent seatpost that is extremely lightweight while having excellent strength and durability. Computational design using the latest computers has made the post meet all the needs of cyclists.

It's also suitable for both hard off-road mountain biking and long-distance on-road riding.



Length: 300mm, 400mm
Post diameter: 27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm
Setback amount: 10 mm
Rail diameter: 7x7mm
160g (φ27.2 / 300mm) 240g (φ27.2 / 400mm)
220g (φ30.9 / 300mm) 262g (φ30.9 / 400mm)
230g (φ31.6 / 300mm) 276g (φ31.6 / 400mm)

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