UCO Hl-Hundred

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Color: Silver
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UCO was born in Washington, USA in 1973. With the keyword "light", it has brought about many revolutions in the outdoor scene all over the world. Pursuing "lights" that develop compact bonfires, matches that ignite even when wet or blown by the wind, compact LED lights, etc., including "UCO's candle lantern" which is synonymous with candle lights that gently and warmly illuminate the camp scene. It is a brand that has been made.

A lantern and flashlight with a robust and rust-resistant aluminum body. It can be fixed to branches, poles, bicycle handles, etc. with the shock cord attached to the side. It weighs only 69g and has the potential to be used as a personal light not only for camping but also for mountaineering.



Size: 13.2 x 4 cm in diameter (when used), 9.8 x 4 cm in diameter (when stored)
Brightness: 110 lumens
Weight: 69g (including batteries)
Batteries: AA alkaline batteries x 1 (sold separately)
Lighting time: High beam / 2.5 hours, Low beam / 4 hours, Strobe / 7 hours /
Water resistance: IPX5

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