TUBUS Duo Lowwider

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TUBUS Duo Lowrider is a front rack for forks with eyelets on the inside and outside.

If you have lowrider eyelets on the inside and outside of your bike's fork, the Tubes Duo Lowrider is the perfect touring rack. This Duo Lowwider is extremely durable and can withstand high loads.

It can be used for almost all touring bags.



Usage: Touring & trekking
On the attachment: Lowrider eyelet
Under the attachment: front end eyelet
Quick Release Hub Wheel Size: 26 "~ 28"
Strut thickness: 10-14 mm
Maximum load: 15 kg
Material: Chromoly

* Not suitable for mounting on forks without lowrider eyelets or on carbon forks.

* Never make crimp connections.

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