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The durable TUBUS lowrider has traveled the world for over 25 years since its launch. Among them, the classic cod has been continuously improved over time and has become stronger.

For example, three holes become one vertical hole, which has all the advantages and functions of a cod lowrider, but this model has an extra wide design that can be installed even on thick tires, and the thickness of the tire is generous You will be able to take it with you.

Despite its simple shape, the highly durable cod is ideal for long trips with a lot of luggage.

* 26/28 inch can be used together



Extra wide front rack
Wheel size: 26/28 inch combined
Tire width: up to 60 mm (2.4 inches)
Tube size Ø. 14 mm (curved tube), 10 mm (struts)
Weight: Approximately 510g
Material: Chromoly
Maximum load: 15 kg

Outer fork width:
Lowrider eyelet for 130-140mm bag support,
Dropout eyelet for 124-134mm fixed bracket
(Adjustable with spacer)

With mount for fixing the front light

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