TRUCE DESIGNS Simle Duffle Bag

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"Truce Designs Bag" includes Chris King and Cielo
A handmade bag manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon, which is rich in nature.

Luke Mathers works on the Truce Designs Bag.

He's not just biking, but backcountry and trekking,
We enjoy sailing, surfing and every field from the sea to the mountains.

The point is the sail cloth (the material used for sailing yachts).
These fabrics are light, tough and, of course, highly waterproof.
In fact, the surprisingly light bag is
You can feel it the moment you pick it up.

With features that are not inferior to major brand bags
It is a combination of handmade ideas and unique looks
"Truce Designs Bags".

This Duffle Bag is a highly functional bag that can be used in 3WAY.
It can be used as a tote bag, a shoulder bag, or as a carry bag by fixing the top of the carrier or skateboard.
All handles are removable, so enjoy your favorite style.

Color: Blue
Size: 19 "x 10" x 12 "(48cm x 25cm x 30cm)
Capacity: 32 liters

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