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Truth Design is a handmade bag manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon, which is rich in nature with diverse activity fields. Luke Mothers, a maker who specializes in marine sports such as sailing and surfing as well as biking and trekking, draws inspiration from every field. They are carefully replaced with form and function to form a highly functional bag.

The fabric used is light, tough and highly waterproof, which is used as a sail cloth and dry suit. In fact, you'll feel the surprisingly light bag the moment you pick it up.

The drop liner backpack is a representative of Truth Design, and its shape is suitable for strenuous movements and fits the body gently, so it is useful in all fields. The shoulder straps fit naturally, and the chest straps and removable waist straps keep the bag from shaking even during strenuous movements for a comfortable backpack. The flap and center pockets are sized for storing small items.

The main luggage compartment has a bag shape that is separate from the outside, and it is sewn together at the frontage. In addition, it is made of highly waterproof fabric and is seam-treated, making it highly waterproof.

The two removable straps are very convenient for fixing and carrying things that don't fit in the bag. You can also use it like a duffel bag by simply storing the shoulder strap in the back waist pad part. The structure also takes into consideration the specifications of the hydration pack.

The flap and the outer pocket on the back are very convenient for storing valuables and items that are often taken in and out, such as keys, wallets, smartphones and towels.

The S size (15ℓ) is a size that is easy to use for day trips and wheeling rides while having to change clothes. It can also store hydration packs, so it is also recommended for trail riding.

M size (24ℓ) is also useful in daily life such as commuting to work or school, as well as in outdoor fields such as one-day trekking and backcountry.

In addition to the usual plastic buckle, a new model with Fidlock Magnetic Buckle has arrived this time. 

The Fidlock Magnetic Buckle is a buckle made of nylon resin and stainless steel and is very robust. It is fully durable even for long-term use under harsh conditions. 
In addition, it is very easy to open and close by using its special structure and magnet. Simply pull the cord tied to the tip to open it, and bring the distant buckle closer to firmly bond it with the magnetic force of the magnet. 
for that reason
The Fidlock Magnetic Buckle can be opened and closed without stress when the temperature is low and your hands are clenched, even when wearing thick gloves.

Magnetic Buckle this timeDacron SailclothArmy Tent, Drysuit Nylon Black,It is attached to 4 types of Drysuit Nylon Olive Drab.

"TRUCE DESIGNS" has functions that are not inferior to those of major brand bags, and has both handmade ideas and unique looks.


    • Dacron Sail Cloth : Dacron Sail Cloth, which is used as a sail for yachts, is light and very robust, but because it values human life at sea, it is obliged to replace it within a few years without deterioration of the fabric. The Dacron Sail Cloth used by Truth is made by carefully washing and cutting the sails that have been removed from the mast.

    • Army Tent: A tent fabric used by the US military, which is made of tough cotton with a weather-resistant wax treatment. Although it has not been chemically or laminated, its unique texture gives it a beautiful look that does not appear in state-of-the-art fabrics as it gets used to it.

      It has also been confirmed that the tent fabric used this time was manufactured in 1953 in northern New York.

    • Drysuit Nylon: Knitted and laminated to meet the demanding needs of fishermen, military users and underwater welders, this drysuit nylon is excellent.High toughness and waterproofness, And is durable. These are scrap fabrics purchased from a local dry suit factory and re-edited.


  • Small 
    Volume: about 15 liters
    Size: 25.4cm x 12.7cm x 43cm

  • Medium
    Volume: about 24 liters
    Size: 29cm x 23cm x 54cm

    * Please note that each item has a different facial expression due to the use of recycled fabric.
    * The color of the nylon fabric inside is assorted, so it may differ from the image.
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