TOAKS Titanium Alcohol Stove Pot Stand


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TOAKSCalifornia garage maker. While providing high quality titanium cookers and cutlery, it is highly cost effective and is highly favored by backpackers and climbers around the world who demand lightness.

Although titanium is expensive, it is light, strong and does not rust.It does not have a unique odor like aluminum, and unlike stainless steel, the metal does not melt and it is safe for the body.

 Titanium Alcohol Stove Pot Stand Can be divided into 4potYou can change the number of sheets according to the size of. AlsoAn item that doubles as a windshield and a pot stand. Since there are some holes, it does not reduce the combustion efficiency.

Size: 76mm x 76mm x 76mm
Weight: 28-34g

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