TIME ATAC XC 4 Pedals --Dual Sided Clipless, Composite, 9/16 ", Black


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TIME's proud ATAC XC pedal is an excellent clipless pedal that has a long-standing fan base.

The XC-style clipless-style pedal is lightweight, taking into consideration its ease of attachment and detachment, self-cleaning design, and durability, and the release angle can be selected according to the rider's preference.


Wide-angle cleat design makes it easy to step in
Self-cleaning design that clears the pedal each time the cleats engage
Hollow steel axle
Includes cleats



Pedal type: Double-sided clipless
Spindle diameter: 9/16 "
Color: Black
Spindle material: Hollow steel
Weight: 294g
Pedal body material: Composite

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