TERAVAIL Sparwood Light & Supple

SIZE: 29×2.2
COLOR: Black

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 TERAVAIL, a new tire manufacturer based in Minneapolis, USA. Specializing in dirt and trails, we produce tires with unique patterns that are useful in areas such as gravel riding, adventure cycling, bike packing and mountain biking.

At the root of sparwood is the concept of a deeply embraced Viking pack, which gives the best feeling on any road surface. The large capacity casing provided by the 2.2 "/ 2.1" size supports cyclists with the perfect balance of low rolling resistance, light weight and excellent maneuverability. This sparwood was developed for navigating while connecting jeep roads, twisted single tracks, gravel tracks, or paved sections.


For those who don't need special puncture resistance, the light and supple casing provides a lighter, more comfortable and very flexible ride at lower pressures during tubeless setups.

In addition to 29 ", 27.5" has also been added to the lineup.


 29x2.2 " 

TPI 60
Tubeless is possible TUBELESS READY
Wheel size 622 / 700c / 29 "
Ideal rim width 23mm
weight Black: 780g / Tan: 660g
Appropriate air pressure



27.5x2.1 " 

TPI 60
Tubeless is possible TUBELESS READY
Wheel size 584 / 650B / 27.5 "
Ideal rim width 23mm
weight Black: 665g / Tan: 615g
Appropriate air pressure


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