TERASU Vol.2: Connective Tissue


Size Size: Keisuke San / Rebun Island by Eric Wolfinger
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A year and a half from the previous work TERASU Vol.1 EARLY HUES, the long-awaited new work has arrived.

A change from the previous work that covers TERASU's fields (surfing, snowboarding, bicycles, food), this work CONNECTIVE TISSUE is a photo book by four photographers and one microbiologist focusing on the relationship between water and people. is.


These five people will be featured in this work

Music / Commercial Movie Maker, Amado Stachenfeld's Vachon Island

Rebun Island of Eric Wolfinger, who is active in the field of food photo / commercial photo

Micrograph of microbiologist Frances Tran

Sea urchins and jellyfish of Max Hausega, presided over by TERASU

Hokkaido, the legendary Japanese snowboarder Taro Tamai



CONNECTIVE TISSUE: Connective tissue An organization that resists or becomes part of the existence of something. There is something in this book that is like the mindset of those who routinely resist the ocean, snow, and water, and confront them as much as possible as part of their existence. In other words, they themselves, as a connective tissue, show us the relationship between water and people.

There is a sincerity that cannot be easily approached to the "scenery that is quite different from us" that they see.

This photobook is one of the themes of water and people, but as a result, it illuminates the diverse lives that TERASU aims for.

The bilingual essay included in the appendix is about the same water and people.


Nishiazabu L'Effervescence chef Fuminobu Ikue

Dr. Frances Tran

California single thread farmDirector Katina Connaughton and chef Aaron Koseva

Max Hausega, presided over by TERASU

Writer Dan Crockett


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