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Color: Celeste

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Team Dream Bicycling Team based in Los Angeles.
Sean Talkington, who runs the team dream, is a big cat lover, and the actual trademark of the team dream is the motif of the bobcat that lives in North America.
Its adorable design and unique pop colors attract many fans not only in Los Angeles but all over the world.

I was planning to produce this bootleg bottle for the Sim Works Pop-Up held in 2018, but it failed in the middle of the plan.
Over time, in 2021, there is no Pop-Up like it used to be, but instead of Team Dream Crew, pirated Bart and Bobcat are landing in Japan in a water bottle.


Capacity: 22oz (650ml), 26oz (760ml)

* Bootleg Bobcat says "i cycling Team".

Regarding Celeste and Royal Blue colors, there was a mistake at the stage of sending the design manuscript, and some of the "ba" of the "bicycling team" are missing, but we are selling it in this state.

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