TANGESEIKI 201 Levin C.P. 30.2 / 26.4W / NJS


Title: JIS (30/27)
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There is Tange Seiki in the head parts world.
Isn't there anyone who has never used Tange Seiki head parts?
Made of durable chromoly, it is an NJS certified product that is not certified except for products that have cleared strict conditions even from the world's perspective.
Compatible with classical threaded forks.
JIS standard and ITA standard exist depending on the inner diameter of the head tube, so please check before purchasing.

Lock nut SS41 Steel 8.5mm 8 flats 32mm width, 5mm Threading
Washer with key SPCC Steel 2.0mm  
Adjust cup SCM415 Cr-Mo 14.4mm 8 flats 32mm width, 6.4mm Threading
Upper bowl SCM415 Cr-Mo 17.2mm Insertion 30.0 +0.1 -0, / 30.2 +0.1 -0 / 10mm depth
Lower bowl SCM415 Cr-Mo 20.0mm Insertion 30.0 +0.1 -0, / 30.2 +0.1 -0 / 10mm depth
Crown race SCM415 Cr-Mo 7.5mm Insertion 27.0 +0 -0.1 / 26.4mm +0 -0.1
Retainer bearing Cr-Mo Balls #300   5/32 "x20 Balls



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