SWISS STOP Flash Pro Black Prince


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Reliable SWISS STOP black prince carbon rim brake shoes have lower frictional heat than Yellow King and exhibit high braking force even when wet.

By adopting the black color, the mark on the rim becomes inconspicuous, and we have succeeded in extending the service life. According to the verification data, when compared at a braking distance from 60km / h on a wet road surface, Black Prince can stop at 90m compared to Yellow King, which requires 121m, and it also reduces the temperature rise due to friction.

In addition, since the compound is a harder professional specification than the conventional model, more grip strength is required when gripping the brake.


Corresponding component: Shimano: All road models
SRAM: All road models
Campagnolo: Potenza 2016 ~, Athena 2016 ~, Veloce 2016 ~, Centaur 2017 ~, Direct Mount

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