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USA is a bag brand based in Seattle, Washington SWIFT INDUSTRIES.. The bag, spun from 2008 by Martina and Jason, who are fascinated by camping touring, is not limited to functionality, but is meticulous in detail considering the user and a color that flutters at the moment of seeing. The ring is also a feature.

On the day of the summer solstice, when they are the founders, let's have a bike camp on the same day with many bicycle riders all over the world! The annual event,SWIFT CAMPOUT 2022 / SWIFT CAMPOUT 2022 2022 It is a Japanese style amulet made in commemoration of the event.

It is a talisman that prays for the safety of the ride and for the health of this uneasy time. Attach it to the SWIFT saddle bag or pannier, and use it as an accent to your car.

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