SURLY Stainless Steel Chainring 5 Arm


SIZE: 110mm / 44T
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It's no wonder you want to use steel chainrings in your steel chain and steel cog drivetrains.

Most chainrings on the market are made of aluminum, which is 35% softer than stainless steel. The softer the metal, the shorter its life. If you're rolling a bike on the above drive with a single speeder, be sure to use the 304 grade stainless steel Surly stainless steel chainring.

Stainless steel is an alloy steel with excellent toughness and corrosion resistance. As with all mechanical things, things will inevitably wear out in the end, but in that case just flipping the chainring over will breathe new life into it.

Surly chainrings are ideal for single speed fixed gear or tandem timing chain applications. Please note that it is not designed for shift assist, so when used with a front derailleur, shifting will be slightly slower than with a regular drive system.

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