SURLY Nice Rack 2.0 Front

Color: Silver
Style: Front

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The height-adjustable front rack is designed for both lowriders and highriders. If you attach the pannier bag to the lowrider position, you will be able to run stably, but you will be a little annoyed on rocky or rutted trails. The rails on the top of the rack are designed as a space where you can change the bag under these circumstances. AlsoThe upper structure can also increase loading capacity and is ideal for wearing lightweight sleeping bags or small tents if space is not available.

The rack itself is 165mm from the dropout and is directly attached to the fork with a blade-shaped dowel attached in the middle of the rack, which is the standard mounting used for many touring forks, including frames such as the LONG HAUL TRUCKER. It is in position. In addition, the shape of the lower plate has been changed so that it does not hit the brake caliper in order to correspond to the frame of TROLL, OGRE and DISC TRUCKER disc brake specifications (from this 2.0 specification).

It also includes mounting hardware for all sizes of LONG HAUL TRUCKER frames (42cm-62cm), so it's sure to be easy to attach to your frame. The wide structure accommodates pannier bags, sleeping bags, tents, food containers and small baskets with ample space.

NICE RACK uses black or silver powder coated paint for corrosion resistance and looks, and the included stainless steel hardware is compatible with most rigid frames from 26 inches to 700c and forks with drums, calipers and cantilever brakes. To do.


Maximum loading weight: 36 kg

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