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COLOR: Silver

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It is the strongest touring rack created by Surly who decided that a touring frame such as LONG HAUL TRUCKER should be equipped with a sturdy and affordable rack suitable for outing.

Chromoly steel is selected because it is rigid and easier to repair than aluminum, and it should be considered that it is easy to repair in harsh usage environments, so even if the rack breaks, even if it is extremely rare, Even in remote areas on the earth, this nice rack can be repaired by finding a craftsman who can weld, braze, and solder TIG, MIG, etc. ... But I should add that you can never have such a valuable experience with an aluminum rack.

This rear rack is adjustable in height, fits a wide range of wheel sizes, and keeps the center of gravity as low as possible for a stable ride. There's plenty of room to load all sorts of things, including small travel guitars, big bows, medium pizzas, tents, and camping chairs.

As an accessory, stainless steel hardware can be mounted on 26 ", 700c, 29+ frames, drums and calipers, or frames equipped with cantilever brakes. Disc brakes and suspensions are generally compatible with rear racks. It's not, but more and more frames are designed to work with racks and disc brakes.

Nice rear racks can also be mounted using disc brakes on frames such as trolls, augers and disc trackers and are achieved by moving the rear calipers inside the rear triangle. It limits you to a 160mm rotor, why? Braking only delays you. It is also possible to attach the rear rack to the rear frame. As part of our ongoing efforts, this planet has become a little longer. We recently started shipping racks in small reusable Surly Tool Bags containing rack stanchions and hardware. This switch helps eliminate the use of polybags and minimizes excess waste. In addition, you get a free tool bag from the deal.


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