SIMWORKS BY PANARACER Super Yummy Tire 27.5"


Size: 27.5 x 2.22"
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Born for super cyclists practicing GO OUT, this Super Yummy is a runnerIt is an all-round off-road tire with a tread pattern that balances lightness and running power at a high level.

Thick enough to withstand riding in wastelands with a high risk of sidecutsThe sidewall isSimWorks original "peanut butter" sidewall. Its durability has been increased to the maximum.

We listened to the voice that "accidents where the side of the tire tears are the most troublesome" for hardcore tourers, etc., and developed it.

Of course, we also support tubeless.

Wheel Size : 27.5"(584)
Tire Width : 2.22"
Side Wall : Peanut Butter
Bead : Aramid
Compound : ZSG Natural Compound
Weight(Average) :
825g(650b) / 

* Regarding compatibility with the rimSize compatibility tablePlease be sure to use a rim whose size is within the applicable range.
* Special attention should be paid to tubeless specifications. It may not work for models with low sidewalls, hookless or small bead hook rims, as seen in tubeless slims.

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