STOMPOMP Hight Volume Foot Pump

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The STOM PUNP consists of a cylindrical body, a footstep that extends from it, and an air tube.
And by stepping on the upper part of the main body, it is possible to fill air at 3 times the speed of a normal inflator. The valves are compatible with both French and American styles, ranging from regular city cycles to road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, scooters and strollers. It is also possible to fill the tires of cars, motorcycles and trailers up to moderate air pressure.

The body is made of aviation grade material for high durability. In addition, an air filter is installed at the air intake to prevent the main unit from malfunctioning.

Since it is stepped on with your feet, it can be used by both weak children and women. Both hands open during pumping, so you can use your time effectively by replenishing and checking the route !!


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