SPEED PLAY Zero Stainless Japan Limited Color

COLOR: White Japan Special

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A special color zero stainless steel shaft produced exclusively in Japan.

Normally, the yellow Walkable Cleat is red, and the pedal body is white with a red cap in the Hinomaru color.


The founder, Richard Beine, has been demonstrating his talent as an engineer since he was active as a professional racer, making fixed rollers and the world's first aero handlebars.He has extensive coaching experience with top athletes and is well known as an engineer who incorporated aerodynamics into cycling early on. After that, he obtained the long-sought pedal system patent and established Speedplay in 1991. Speedplay's ingenious system is all about the fact that once used by a professional player, he doesn't want to change to another pedal system. Unlike other brands, the "Free Float System", which is thin and small, has excellent aerodynamics, and has a large corner clearance, does not use springs to force the angle of the legs, which dramatically reduces the burden on the knees. Reese, who was the team director of CSC / Saxo Bank at the time, says that after the team riders used Speedplay, their physical problems (injuries) had disappeared. In addition, Basso demanded that Speedplay be used when the team was transferred to Liquigas, and the entire team has adopted it.


■ Walkable Cleat:A dimple-processed rubber-faced cover enhances cleat aerodynamics and walkability.

■ Easy Dual-Side Entry:Both sides of the pedal can be bound, so you can fit it in without worrying about the pedal surface.

■ Micro Adjustable Float:The pedal fixing angle can be finely adjusted from 0 ° to 15 ° according to the riding style.

■ Photo Axis Adjustment:The fixed width of the toe-heel and the inside-outside can be adjusted independently, which cannot be achieved by other manufacturers.
This removes cleats from the inside Riders don't like to come off from the outside.
In other words, the adjustment is possible.

■ Lowest stack height:The distance from the sole of the foot to the pedal shaft is shorter than any manufacturer's pedal, and it has excellent pedaling power transmission.
● 11.5 mm stack height (at 3 holes)
● 8.5 mm stack height (at 4 holes)

■ Unbetable cornering clearance:Since the pedal is small, the clearance with the road surface is large, and the pedal does not hit even if the bike is tilted greatly at the corner.
● Stainless steel shaft --37 degrees
● Titanium shaft --39 degrees

■ Large, comfortable cleat platform:Sole and cleat Also, since the contact area between the cleat and the pedal (from the sole to the pedal) is large, it is possible to improve the sense of stability and avoid the weighted concentration of the sole. And fatigue is less likely to accumulate and you can concentrate on pedaling.

■ High quality bearings:Uses cartridge bearings and needle bearings.
The pedal is made thinner, and it has excellent road clearance and pedaling power transmission.

■ Fitmore shoes:Compatible with both 3-hole and 4-hole shoes.

■ Easy maintenance:There is a grease hole, and grease injection is easy.

■ True locking mechanism:Since it is fixed by spring force, it can be attached and detached smoothly.


 Stainless shaft
Weight: 206g
Cleat set included

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