SPEED PLAY Zero Aero Walkable Cleats

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The new Walkable Cleat Technology for Speedplay pedals sets a new standard for user-friendliness on descents. It is the first truly walkable road cleat. The rubber cover is integrated into the cleat and does not need to be removed from the cleat when pedaling. When walking, this cover improves grip and protects the cleat from wear.

In addition, the thin cleat shape allows for a more natural gait, eliminating the difficulty of walking in road shoes. The dimpled, streamlined, thin shape also provides an aerodynamic effect. In addition to these benefits, the Cleat Buddy (center lid) included in the cleat set is a convenient plug for walking on dirty surfaces. By fitting the Cleat Buddy into the center of the cleat, it prevents foreign matter from entering the cleat from the road surface. It is easily removed and fits in a pocket or bag for a functional finish.

  • Rubber-surfaced cover improves grip when walking.
  • Durable cover material resists abrasion and will not damage floors.
  • Thin cleat shape is easy to walk on and aerodynamic.
  • The dimpled and streamlined surface of the cleat reduces aerodynamic drag.
  • Fits all standard 3-hole and 4-hole shoes.

*This is for Speedplay Zero series only.

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