SPEED PLAY Zero Aero Walkable Cleats


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The new Walkable Cleat technology for speedplay pedals sets a new standard that is very user-friendly when getting off. It was born for the first time as a really easy-to-walk road cleat. The rubber cover is integrated into the cleat so you don't have to remove it when pedaling. When walking, this cover improves grip and protects cleats from abrasion.

In addition, the thin cleat shape enables more natural walking and eliminates the difficulty of walking with road shoes. In addition, the streamlined thin shape with dimple processing also demonstrates the aerodynamic effect. In addition to these advantages, the cleat buddy (center lid) included in the cleat set is a convenient plug for walking in dirty areas. By fitting the cleat buddy in the center of the cleat, foreign matter can be prevented from entering from the road surface. Easy to remove, fits in your pocket or bag and is functionally finished.


  • The rubber surface cover improves grip when walking.
  • The durable cover material is abrasion resistant and will not damage the floor.
  • The thin cleat shape is easy to walk and is aerodynamically superior.
  • The cleat is dimple-processed on the surface to make it streamlined to reduce air resistance.
  • Fits all standard 3-hole and 4-hole shoes.


* Only for the Speedplay Zero series.


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