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Shin-Fuji Burner Corporation was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of industrial burners.
The development of the "Pocket Torch," which was launched in 1990, was the catalyst for the company's involvement in outdoor products. The product was initially developed as a tool for craftsmen, but its powerful flame also has excellent wind resistance, which led the company to focus on demand in the outdoor market. The core of the SOTO brand is a combustion appliance fueled by cassette gas. The SOTO brand differentiates itself from other manufacturers in terms of fuel economy and convenience, and there are high expectations for future demand for these products.

A disposable lighter with a flame temperature of approximately 800°C becomes a powerful burner with a flame temperature of 1300°C.
Despite the high flame power, the usage time is 60% longer than when used as a lighter. Characteristic of efficient combustion.
Disposable lighters are used as fuel, so the fuel tank is always fresh. No maintenance is required.
It is very useful anywhere, for example, for soldering when building models, igniting fireworks and incense sticks, and so on.
Includes 1 lighter

*Please note that the flame is difficult to see in bright light.
*The lighter may not be used (not ignited) at low or high temperatures due to gas pressure inside the lighter. Please adjust the flame length (naked flame) of the lighter to approximately 5 to 6 cm before use.

Dimensions: Length 60 x Width 23 x Height 110mm

Weight 50g (excluding lighter)

Flame diameter 14mm

Flame temperature 1,300°C

Flame temperature 1,300°C Flame size diameter 3 x 12mm

Flame shape: ultra-fine concentrated flame

Fuel: commercially available disposable lighters (CR-ML-17 [PSC] and CR-SP colorado [PSC] lighters can be used)

Burning time: approx. 20 minutes (1 lighter)

Continuous use time: 1 minute or less

Accessories: 1 lighter

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