SOTO power gas 250 Triple Mix


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Shin-Fuji Burner Corporation was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of industrial burners.
The development of the "Pocket Torch," which was launched in 1990, was the catalyst for the company's involvement in outdoor products. The product was initially developed as a tool for craftsmen, but its powerful flame also has excellent wind resistance, which led the company to focus on demand in the outdoor market. The core of the SOTO brand is a combustion appliance fueled by cassette gas. The brand differentiates itself from other manufacturers in terms of fuel economy and convenience, and there are high expectations for future demand.

Power gas blended with propane, isobutane, and normal butane

This power gas is suitable for natural environments with ever-changing conditions.
This gas fuel supports SOTO products' OD can-only fuel appliances.

Dimensions 110 mm in diameter x 90 mm in height

Weight: approx. 385g

NET approx. 230g

Composition: liquefied butane, liquefied isobutane, liquefied propane

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