SOTO Micro Regulator Stove WindMaster


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"Shin Fuji Burner Co., Ltd." was established in 1978 as an industrial burner manufacturing company. The new Fuji burner launched the "SOTO" brand in the outdoor market in 1992.

We handle various outdoor products such as burners, cooking utensils such as Dutch ovens, and lanterns, and it is a brand that is loved and trusted by everyone from outdoor beginners to authentic people.

A fusion of a unique burner head structure and a micro regulator mechanism.
A stove that can withstand the wind and cold is born!

A stove with excellent wind resistance has been added to the "micro regulator equipped series" that is resistant to cold.
Even if you use it in a windy place without using a windshield, the flame of the burner does not flow easily and it is possible to boil water in a short time. In addition, it is resistant to cold and exhibits a thermal power of 2,800 kcal / h, which does not change even if the outside temperature is 20 ° C or -5 ° C.

The Micro Regulator Stove Windmaster has a removable trivet.
"Small 3 trivets" are set as standard on the main body, but by attaching the separately sold "Large 4 trivets", the pot can be used as a stove that is stable and easy to cook and easy to use even in group mountains. I will.

● Dimensions Width 90 x Depth 117 x Height 100 mm (when used) Width 47 x Depth 51 x Height 88 mm (when stored)
● Weight 60g (with the trivet removed)
● Dimensions Width 90 x Depth 117 x Height 100 mm (when using a burner + trivet * 1)
Width 94 x Depth 10 x Height 35 mm (when only the trivet is stored)
● Weight 67g (burner + 3 trivets) 7g (3 trivets only)
● Calorific value 3.3kW (2,800kcal / h) 
* 2 ● Usage time approx. 1.5 hours (when using SOD-725T), approx. 0.68 hours (when using SOD-710T) 
* 3 ● Materials Burner, trivet, instrument plug knob: stainless steel, ignition switch: resin
● 3 accessories, special storage case 
[Cylinder sold separately]

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