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Tire Lever Optimized for Carbon Rim Premio Modern carbon rims and tubeless tires create challenges that traditional tire levers can't solve. And when setting up tubeless tires, the fit of the tires is much tighter than ever, but the carbon rims require the tires to be mounted using non-metal levers, so the fit is very good. The current situation is that it is extremely difficult.

Tire Lever Premio combines a high-strength forged aluminum lever with a semi-rigid nylon pad on the rim side of the lever, making the lever thinner overall than others, and a full plastic or metal core. I was able to make it stiffer and stronger than the one I designed.

In addition, the tire lever Premio is designed in the Flex-Core zone, allowing nylon pads to match the curvature of the rim for maximum load distribution when in use. AlsoFormed with high-strength full metal blades, the Tire Lever Premio is 25-30% thinner than other levers and is ideal for setting up very tight or tubeless tires with very tight access to the tire beads.



          • Forged alloy blade
          • Enhanced safety of nylon rim shield for carbon rims
          • Integrated spoke hook wing
          • 105mm x 25mm x 7mm (ideal for Seat Roll Premio or EOLO wallet)
          • Weight = 36 grams(Two levers and neoprene sleeve)

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