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Gauge: 0-160psi (Red)
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When using the Ultimate Pump, this gauge kit makes it the perfect pump for any bike or any road surface condition. In some cases, a 1psi difference can make the difference between winning and losing, clearing a stone drop, or even cracking the rim.

With this gauge kit, you can convert your ultimate pump to high pressure and low pressure gauges as needed. Instead of sealing the threads as in many pump gauge designs, it uses an O-ring seal for increased confidentiality. This allows you to replace the gauge with two hex screws in about 2 minutes without the risk of leakage.

Inspired by professional team mechanics and athletes who were primarily road riding in the spring and summer and mainly CX and off-road in the fall, this replacement gauge is a low pressure pressure kit for ultimate pumps. By adding (Yellow), you can manage the air pressure with an accuracy of 1psi to 0.5psi in the tire pressure setting of the CX bike.

Each kit contains a Silica S-2 Tool Steel 4mm Hex Wrench, O-Ring Lubricant in Two EVA Foam Cases and 10mL Bottle of O-Ring. Made of the same EVA foam as the sole of your running shoe, the case provides good protection for your gauge when not in use.


FEATURE: 0-60psi (Yellow)
0-160psi (Red)
Hex wrench / O-ring lubricant included

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