SILCA Replacement Gauge For Pista And Superpista



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As far as we know, we believe this gauge is the only full metal gauge available today. At the first meeting with the supplier of this gauge, they suggested changing part of the internal structure to plastic to reduce costs, but silica rather made all of its components steel and brass. I thought it was made. And it was finally accepted, and for this new gauge, we added more metal parts to reinforce some internal structures to improve impact resistance. The main changes were diaphragms instead of cheap Bourdon tubes, and the needles were made of beautifully polished steel. In addition, the original drawing of the gauge surface was newly redrawn by the son of the founder Claudio, who is a foreign surgeon. As a result, this gauge was also rebuilt on the assumption that it will be used for as long as possible.


FEATURE: Replacement gauges for all pistas and super pistas manufactured from the 1960s to 2013
+/- 3% accuracy
Maximum pressure 210 psi
All made of metal parts, so there is no wear or damage unlike plastic ones


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