SILCA Latex Inner Tube


size: 700 x 24-30mm
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Silica has partnered with Vittoria to create the world's premier inner tube that reduces rolling resistance and rim blowouts, along with the best driving feel for modern clincher tire setups.

Why latex? Latex is considerably more elastic when compared to standard butyl rubber inner tubes for bicycles. Latex rubber has a fairly low damping factor, and after stretching latex rubber, it returns to its normal shape faster and with less energy loss. What this means proves is that by using a latex inner tube, it is generally during 48km cruising.On average, it is 2-5 watts (per tire) more efficient than tubes made of other materials. In addition, the possibility of a flat tire on the rim is greatly reduced, providing excellent grip and running feeling when combined with tires that are flexible and have low rolling performance.

This tube is designed to fit the 24-30mm tires, which is the equivalent of the 23-28mm tires used for the wide rim widths that are increasing today. The valve stem is 42mm long and can be used with all modern disc wheels.

2014In an interview with, developer and owner Josh said that latex inner tubes are the easiest and greatest upgrade custom cyclists can do. Until recently, latex inner tubes were primarily used for tubular tires. Latex tubes are deeply involved in both the excellent puncture resistance and ride comfort of tubular tires.

And Josh simply quantified this.

・ Silica Latex Inner Tube Upgrade (2 wheels): 4-10 watts, $ 30

· Full Wheelset Ceramic Bearing Upgrade (6 Cartridges): 0.8-1 Watt Savings, $ 400-1000.

-Ceramic bearing derailleur pulley: 1-3 watts, $ 200- $ 400

-Latest aero road helmet: 4-8 watts, $ 300


      • Ideal for measuring tires: 24-30MM (22-28mm tires when used with wide rims, 24-30mm tires when used with thinner rims
      • Premium latex, 42mm valve stem
      • Available for all modern disc wheels
      • Detachable Presta valve core
      • 85 grams 

When using a latex inner tube,It is highly recommended to use tubeless rim tape.. Tubeless rim tape makes it easy to install on any tire and also reduces rim blowouts.

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