SILCA Italian Army Knife Tredici


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A multi-tool designed with the motif of an Italian army knife that easily fits in SILCA EOLO Wallet and Seat Roll Premio.

Forged mid-length tools and forged aluminum side plates are combined with stainless steel hardware. The tool design is long enough to access the recessed fasteners, but is reasonably short so that it will not be twisted or damaged by torque.

Designed to place the tools in the same plane, the overall thickness of the package is halved. All tools are forged, chrome-treated tools and stainless steel hardware and bushes ensure long life without corrosion (multi-tool natural enemies are loss and corrosion!)

The forged aluminum sidebar also incorporates a magnet to hold the spare chain connector.


FEATURE: Forged, machined sidebar with magnetic chain connector storage.
Hex 2 / 2.5 / 3/4/5/6/8 + Torx 10/20/25 + Phillips screwdriver / Minus screwdriver + Disc pad spreader
8mm is magnetically attached to 5mm for optimal space use
Stainless Steel Pivot Hardware

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