SILCA'Hiro' Side Lever Locking Presta Chuck V.2


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The HIRO Presta Chuck is a top-of-the-line tool made with attention to detail so that cycling hobbyists will be fascinated not only by its usability but also by the details and usability of the product itself. It is based on the basic idea of manufacturing that we have had since the birth of silica, using the finest stainless steel, new and groundbreaking elastomer gaskets, one. It is carefully produced one by one. The HIRO is a high-precision device with rational functions and accurate adjustment functions, and users will surely be delighted with its operation and operation feeling. And don't forget that the basic design is designed so that it can be passed on to your child someday.


FEATURE: Made of full metal that guarantees use for over 25 years
Securely catch and seal the French valve
Uses high performance silica 254 elastomer gasket
Adjustable gasket preload mechanism not only responds to gasket wear, but also adapts to a variety of valves
It has a male screw of the same standard as the American valve and fits firmly to the silica hose.

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