SILCA Eolo III Co2 Regulator


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In 1982 Silica first developed the adjustable CO2 inflator EOLO. By giving users the ability to regulate the flow of gas to the tires, inflator-type inflators have become more widespread.

In keeping with the silica tradition, the EOLO III uses ultra-precision spool valves with light action springs to provide complete control over the flow to the tires. The EOLO III full metal construction contains no plastic parts and is manufactured from 6063 aluminum and stainless steel. Hardened tool steel puncture pins are more than twice as hard as traditional puncture pins, ensuring smooth operation in all situations for years.

The three insulation rings on the EOLO body improve grip when inflated and protect your hands from low temperature burns.
Its portability and high functionality can be said to be the smartest CO2 inflator on the market.


FEATURE: Highly airtight thread head that can be screwed into Buddhist and Schrader valves
Easy-to-operate CO2 inflator with a light spring
The camera lens type valve head can be easily attached even with a disc wheel.
Insulation ring with high grip and protects hands from low temperature burns

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