SILCA Disc Wheel Adapter



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Since Moser set a world record in 1984, silica has been destined to make pump heads for the fastest wheels in the world. The latest version has been reborn as a model with a body made of 6066-T6 aluminum and a new 252 high-tech elastomer for the internal gasket. This unique bright red gasket is inspired by industries that require airtight seals in the harshest environments and has a lifespan of more than five times that of carbon fiber rubber and materials called Buna-N. The new 252 gasket, combined with a new compression head design, allows nearly 200% gasket tightening by simply tightening the cap. Tested by major disc wheel manufacturers, this new disc adapter can handle pressures up to 393psi, which is more than three times the pressure resistance of competing competitors.


FEATURE: Compatible with American pump heads
Air can only be injected into Buddhist valves
A compression head is used to adjust the fit even with a worn Presta valve.
All made of metal parts, so there is no wear or damage unlike plastic ones
Color: Color: Black

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