SILCA 323 Chuck Gasket For Reversible Brass Chuck And Silca Impero Head


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Gaskets for older silica pumps that many have been looking for are back in the modern era. In addition to the Impero frame pump, there are at least three original brass chucks that use this gasket. But now none of them are sold as repair parts. The silica team couldn't find the original gasket in new condition, so they redesigned it from scratch based on what it took out of scratch.

This new 323 gasket was developed using the same high-tech fully synthetic elastomer used in SuperPista ultimate's latest 242 gasket. This material allows for greater valve retention, larger seals, and significantly improved long life, and the new two-stage seal design improves high pressure performance and requires pressing the chuck like the original gasket. lose. With this 323 gasket, Italian-era silica pumps perform better than new ones.

・ Past silica pumps using brass chucks / Art.24.4, Art.84, Art.323
・ SILCA Impero frame pump heads


FEATURE: Uses a specially synthesized elastomer material
5 times more durable than traditional rubber gaskets
Has a new two-stage structure optimized for all presta valves

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