SHIMANO Rear Derailleur Pulley Set RD-5700


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A set of tension and guide pulleys compatible with Shimano RD-5700 and 10-speed rear derailleurs.

With a durable composite compoundEquipped with shield cartridge bearingsThe pulley provides smooth rolling resistance and vibration damping, improving the stability of the chain. 

It is a small part that is often overlooked, so replace it regularly.



5700, 5600, 5501, 5500, 4500, 4400, 3400, 3300, M662, M601, M600, M592, M581, M580, M571, M570, M531, M530, M511, M510, M430, M330, T661, T400, T300, F800, F700, C810, MC20, MC18, CT-S500
Weight: 32g

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