SHIMANO Dura-Ace Track HB-7710


Hole: 36H
Type: Front
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In the cup and cone type, stress acts directly on the load, whereas in the industrial type shield bearing, the stress in the direction of the load becomes difficult to apply from the point of overcontact. In addition, the cup and cone type has many advantages such as high durability and good maintainability, which is the reason why all Shimano hubs still use the cup and cone type.

The professional hubs that Shimano continues to create with prestige are as followsHub of DURA-ACE TRACK 7710Will be.

This is the small flange product page.



Model number: HB-7710
Series: DURA-ACE TRACK 7710 series
Color: Silver
Average weight: 298 g (rear w / lock ring),, 203 g (front)
P.C.D. Left: (mm) 38
P.C.D. Right: (mm) 38
Flange diameter_left: (mm) 46
Flange diameter_right: (mm) 46
Shaft fixing method: Nut
Bearing: Stainless steel ball
Flange diameter (mm): 46 (Front), 52 (Rear)
Inter-flange dimensions (mm):
74.0 (Front), 72.5 (Single Thread, Rear), 67.0 (Double Thread, Rear)
O.L.D. (mm): 100 (Front), 120 (Rear)
Offset (mm): 0 (Front), 2.75 (Single Thread, Rear), 0 (Double Thread, Rear)
P.C.D. (mm): 38 (front), 44 (rear)
Flange diameter_front (mm): 46 (Front) 52 (Rear)
Flange diameter_Rear (mm): 46 (Front) 52 (Rear)
P.C.D._ Front (mm): 38 (Front) 44 (Rear)
P.C.D _ rear (mm): 38 (Front) 44 (Rear)

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